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About us

Welcome to Jantique website!

Our coffee shop serves excellent coffee, and provides a relaxing space to pass the time.

We make our coffee by FRENCH PRESS (Cafetière) or with good shots of ESPRESSO.

All coffee we provide at Jantique are “specialty coffee” which we present to you with pride.

“From Seed to Cup”

These words embody the philosophy of Jantique.

We practice strict quality control at every step, beginning with the production of our coffee beans, to the coffee we pour for our customers.

In order to provide delicious specialty coffee, we will never compromise our process.

The taste of good coffee is defined as:

» A characteristically striking flavor
» A refreshing sourness
» A lingering coffee flavor which leaves a sense of sweetness

Lastly, as a coffee shop, we take care when pouring coffee for our customers to ensure:

» The coffee is the brewed appropriately
» That the delicious and characteristic flavor of each country of origin is present.

We are devoted to providing real specialty coffee to everyone, every day.

Enjoy your stay in Hagi all the more with a cup of Jantique specialist coffee.



» Provide a comfortable space to enjoy coffee

» Create a relaxing moment for you through coffee

» Make the opportunity to enjoy new conversations over coffee


Our shop is located in the city center, with easy access to the stations, bus terminal, or shopping centers etc..

Please use our shop as a base for sightseeing, business, or rest.
Our city, Hagi is one of the most popular traditional towns in Japan.

The period of upheaval which became known as the “Meiji Restoration” took place in Japan around 150 years ago.

This revolution represented the end of feudalism, the commencement of the rule of Emperor Meiji, and the beginning of the modern era in Japan.

Many of the young men who played important roles in the Meiji Restoration came from Hagi-city (the CHOSHU-feudal clan).

Because of this legacy, we are have great pride in the historical remains of our city.

There are many traditional-style areas where Edo period houses still remain, just as if the SAMURAI of that time are still living today.

These areas are also easily accessible from our shop.

Hagi is also renowned for its beautiful nature, for example the shore line with its beautiful beach.

There are so many wonderful places to explore in Hagi.

We hope to see you in Hagi, and at Jantique!

Shop information

Open : 11:00 – 24:00

Closed : Monday

Tel  : 050-1262-0519

Mail : cafe_jantique@ybb.ne.jp

Available : take out / free wifi / wheelchair access

Credit cards

Address: Hagi city, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Higashi-tamachi 18-4




today’s recommend single origin coffee
blend coffee in medium, medium dark, or dark roasts


single shot / double shots

iced coffee

iced Americano
cold-brew coffee

café latte

single shot espresso with added steamed milk

other drinks

chai tea

itallian soda




caramel nuts tart

castella(Japanese sponge cake)

hand made pound cake



bottle wine(red)